The Mind is the Limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it.

You can only imaging that which is already within grasp.

People often tell me “I can’t do it”. – “It” being the very things they want to do.

I hear something very different..when I hear the words “Can’t”, what I hear is “I can do the process of not doing”!

Now this is super important: This means that something inside or outside themselves stops them and they have no control over this thing.

In reality, this is never true. There are always options. In our Academy I ban the use of “Can’t” and look for a replacement.

There are 2 common replacements.

Option 1: You say, “I won’t do it”.

..For me this is ok because you are at least taking responsibility for not doing it. It’s in your control.

Options 2: You say, “I don’t know how”

..Also ok, because this makes it easier to seek help.

Try it out. What can’t you do?

Now which phrase do you replace it with ?

“Won’t do it” or “Don’t know how”

DM if you need help. .