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The story that you’re telling yourself is about to change. How we see the world is going to be a very, very different future than it is right now. We can see this in terms of the amount of people who are scrambling to create online versions of their job, whether it’s as a coach, as a therapist, as an entrepreneur or as an educator. In the mix of all of this calamity change, we need to ask ourselves how we can serve each other and how we can help each other with the skills we already have.

What I’m talking about here are the blind spots in our knowledge and education. We learn many things in school and in our work environment, and yet so many people struggle to live happy, fulfilled lives. I want to change this.

My name is Micheal Colhoun. I’m the founder of Transforming People Academy  where we train people to become world class coaches and therapists, but many people may not realise that I’ve also been working in the technology space for almost 20 years in helping to integrate technologies that help people to scale their business and to perform at a higher level in all that they do. And what I’ve realized over the last short period of time is that the world has totally changed.

It’s changed in terms of how we’re going to interact with people and how we’re going to interface with people using web and online video and live interaction as a way of communicating.

So what I’ve done is I’ve taken my experience from both the personal development area and the technology area, and within this intersection, we are building a really amazing, really amazing platform that I want to share with you today.

You see, what I’ve realized is that these blind spots are areas that hold us back, and for many, we have not had the opportunity to learn how to overcome these blind spots.

And there’s four key areas I want to share with you about those blind spots. when we understand how to leverage these four key areas, it really helps us to excel and to engage with people remotely as well as locally at a higher level. So we’ve built this platform called the Academy 4 Lifelong Learning, which does exactly that.

And want to share these 4 key areas that we focus on in the Academy.


One of the key areas we want to talk about is mindset. Now let me tell you why this is important. So for many people, when you actually share your knowledge, you know-how, your skills, you give people the ability to do something, it doesn’t guarantee they’ll actually follow through and do it and actually get the results that you want them to get.

The reason for that is because they get in their own way and when people are getting their own way, what stops them is that there is some subtle blocks, beliefs or attitudes that stops them from actually implementing the advice you give them.

So it’s really important. People who have a really good mindset, they have the ability to see the world differently when they’re doing something new. What I’m talking about here is seeing opportunities in times of change and the world is changing very, very quickly at the moment.

So I think the number one thing that we need to really focus on today is understanding mindset, understanding how your personal mindset affects your ability to change direction and to change what you’re doing and cope with change, whether it’s moving from working in the office to working remotely, or whether it’s learning new, valuable skills that they may not be able to implement easily without understanding some of the principles behind having a really good mindset.


Now the second area that’s really important, I think it’s valuable for everybody to know is understanding not just the ability to set goals or create outcomes, but really knowing how your goals and outcomes fit in with your long term vision, your purpose, your desire, your intention, what I’m talking about here is your mission.

So the challenge that I think a lot of people have is that, it’s easy to set a goal and to work towards a goal. But if the goals without mission leads to disappointment.

If the end result of that goal isn’t aligned with your purpose, if the goal is just to make money, for example, or to achieve something menial, then what happens is we don’t get a sense of satisfaction when we achieve the goal. In fact, we get the opposite. We get a sense of disappointment or emptiness. How many lost and depressed wealthy people and celebrities do you know? Why? Their goals were never aligned with a higher purpose or mission.

We have seen a direct impact of this recently where so many people were asked to stay at home and either work from home are just not work at all, and during this time, they really questioned their job and career. Am I really happy? Does this fulfil me? Does it give me a sense of deep satisfaction and joy? For so many people it does not because their goals are misaligned, or worse, they have no clarity on their purpose or mission.

The question we need to ask ourselves is this: “Are you doing what you really want to do? Is it actually aligned with your purpose? or is there something else you prefer to do that isn’t like work?”, something that you love and could actually get paid doing. This is really about understanding your mission, why you’re here, your purpose of being here and how to find how to create a life of destiny, how to find the thing that really drives you, that gives you passion and you can turn that into a business.

And this is a really important area that we all need to get right, is to understand your mission and your direction, in your life. Because when your direction is aligned with your mission, the work you do just comes naturally to you. It’s stress free. It’s satisfying. You get into flow much easier. You are fulfilling your mission.


Now the third area I think is really important, and this is really about understanding not just your mindset, not just your mission, but also understanding that if you have valuable skills, if you’re a coach, if you’re a trainer and educator, if you’re an advisor, you can help people to get really good results.

If you can help people to change their life and transform their life but If people don’t know about you, then you can’t really make much of a difference.

I think being able to leverage the existing online platforms, whether it’s social media or whether it’s through word of mouth or whether it’s through video conferencing, it’s important to have a very clear message.

So that message, the third tenant, the third blind spot that I think that once you understand how to utilize that message, it can really help you get clarity and to move and change directions and take advantage of the massive change that’s happening in the world today, because when the right people hear your message you can impact more peoples lives with your art, with your skills and with your work.


Now, the fourth area that is crucial is because without this fourth area, what happens is we end up having very little reason to do the things we’re doing. We have very little feedback on working in a certain area that we end up not getting the results we really want because we’re getting distracted by things that take up a lot of time and energy.

What I’m talking about his how to leverage money to be able to get your message out to more people. It’s not just about the art of financial freedom. It’s about reaching more people, make an impact and influence the right people so you can actually create a business from this. It’s not just a pastime, it’s a fulfilled career that’s aligned with your mission.

What Does this Mean for You?

When you combine these four areas together, you have something really powerful:

  • When you understand Mindset, you understand how to think differently about change
  • When you understand your Mission, what you do becomes aligned with your purpose.
  • When you understand your Message, the right people resonate with your mission.
  • When you understand how to leverage Money, you can make an impact in your life.

When you do this, then a whole perspective opens up. A whole different path opens up for you and that’s really the purpose of the Academy here.

What we want to do in this Academy is give people a single place where you can learn all a

bout Mindset, all about your Mission, all about your Message and all about how to have fun, and how to leverage Money and doing this through a platform that is a single click, easy to use platform that not only gives people course material, not only gives people content but also provide the live video interaction, video conferencing, audio conference, the ability to chat and connect people from anywhere around the world within one platform live and also to give them the theory, the information, the course material as well all within one platform.

Really what we want to do is build an incredible community. It’s about building community of likeminded people that can interact together on a weekly basis, at regular times and in regular spaces.
We can come together and share our common interests, whether it’s mindset, whether it’s mission, whether it’s message, whether it’s money.

And to do that, what I’ve decided to do is open this platform up to a small number of really amazing world class teachers and trainers, people who are already masters of what they do and have got a lot of experience like myself in areas like personal development, coaching, marketing, finance, martial arts, yoga and meditation, spirituality.
These amazing teachers have expertise in many different areas that help you to leverage these different areas and get the best results possible.

It’s about coaching you live is not just video training, it’s coaching you LIVE and giving you live feedback and helping you here in the classroom, the virtual classroom so you can get the very best from these amazing, amazing teachers and also giving people the opportunity to continuously learn.

I believe this to be different. To be a true Collaborate Learning Experience. It’s not just online content. Not just learning one tip, one tactic, one tool, one technique, but getting constant feedback as you’re learning to use these tools, these techniques, these classes and to interact as well.

It’s about lifelong learning. It’s about always improving and raising the bar all the time.

The way I feel about it today is that the story that you’re telling yourself is about to change. And with that, we need a new mechanism, a new platform for understanding how that changes affects you, and in addition, have the right people looking over your shoulder to help you get there.

My name is Micheal Colhoun, and now it’s time to earn more about the other instructors and trainers who are also on this platform to help you get the results that you want. So learn more about the other instructors, courses and live trainings that you can access on this platform.

This is the Academy 4 Life Ling Learning. Giving your Tools for Life.

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