Once your Mindset Changes everything on the Outside will Change along with it

“I just need to work harder”

This is the mantra we repeat when the world changes and we are not changing with it. ⠀

I used to believe this. I used to think that to get ahead, I just need to outwork the competition. Nothing could be further from the truth. ⠀

The reality is that the only person you are really competing with is the person you were yesterday. ⠀

Then I realise that the answers are inside. It was my mindset that needed to change. And when I changed my mindset my whole worldview changed. This is when I realise that my World was actually my World View. And the secret to changing your world and your worldview is changing your mindset.⠀

Look for the opportunity that you are missing today. Stop focussed on the Problem. Start focusing on finding the solution. ⠀

Believe in yourself.