A Present To Your Future – PDF Goal Setting Journal



The past year was a big year for mankind. For 20 years I have dedicated my life to learning and sharing what I know about transformation and change. I have personally coached and taught thousands of individuals on this topic.

At nearly every seminar and presentation I have taught for the past few years I reference the massive change that happened at the start of the 20th Century in New York with the transition from Horse and Carriage to The Model-T Ford Motor Car It is one thing to share old stories of a rapid shift in consciousness over 100 years ago, but it’s quite another thing to talk about it while it’s happening.

We are amid the greatest shift in human consciousness in living memory, and yet many people are still talking about when things will return to normal. It’s a fallacy to think this is going to happen. We are at the greatest example of a pure bifurcation point, a crossroads. Do we evolve and survive and perhaps thrive, or do we crash and burn and play the victim game for our remaining days? The decision is ours, but more importantly, we must contend if we are happy with this decision.

At this stage I see the process of human evolution as an entirely predictable process: Certainty is interrupted by some sudden external event. You reach for solid footing only to find that this gives way too. Anxiety and stress builds but is quickly rationalised away as we seek a new normal. At this point, we make emotional and fast decisions to try to cope with a new uncertain world. Half the decisions are bad and about half are good. We have to take a leap of faith. If we succeed, we feel a sense of accomplishment, that we have ‘won’. If we fail, we cannot understand why we ‘lost’ and seek external causes and reasons. If we do not take that leap of faith, we stagnate and die. Eventually, a new kind of normality resumes, and we deal with the consequences. Life goes on.

Last March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, I talked about this on a Facebook live. As I saw event unravelling, I decided to become more reclusive and invest time in research and personal development. It was a time to learn new things, to take up new hobbies and to build a better-quality family life. It worked out well.

However, in the last year, the world has become more polarised can I ever remember. There has been very little conversation about the nature of transformation and what’s really happening and far too much conversations about conspiracy theory and psychic manipulation.

The fact remains that when most people are in desperate situation, it is significantly easier to manipulate people at scale.

This is why I have decided to re-architect this book into something that can help you navigate these times. In this book for the first time, I am going to give you some great tips and insights to understand manipulation so that you don’t get swayed, and that you get a greater sense of clarity and focus in your day and your journey of personal evolution.

Whatever happens on your personal journey, please remember this: life goes on.


January 2022