Financial freedom is a mental, emotional and educational process

If I had one wish for you, it is that you become financial free. That when someone asks you what your job is, you can reply. “I am financially free”. Most people approach this the wrong way. They want to become a millionaire or to have massive wealth.

This is the wrong approach because many millionaire and wealthy people become bankrupt from playing status games and having the wrong focus. A better question to ask is how do I build a life where I don’t ever have to worry about money.

This does not mean selling all your stuff and living in a tent either. It also doesn’t mean saving enough in your pension plan to live out your retirement.

What it means is having the mental focus and emotional resilience to put in place certain mechanisms that cover all your costs of living.

I believe every one should be taught about financial freedom instead of aiming for a pension plan and retirement.

Have you got a financial freedom plan?