The Facebook Ad Series


Are you looking to promote your business online or Scale your Business beyond 1-2-1 Coaching?

Are  you struggling to understand Marketing and Facebook Advertising.

Would you like to get access to a single training that teaching you only the important bits to become competent and get immediate success with Facebook Ads?

This training course could be exactly what you are looking for.

In this Live Training, Micheal Colhoun guides you through the exact recipe he used to launch his Coaching Business and to Build Transforming People Academy from scratch into a healthy 6 figure Business.

This training course is not a bunch of theory. Instead Micheal walks you through a real live campaign. It starts with the setup of a new Facebook Account and guides you through the complete process he went through, include his live dashboard, and live reports of what he did, when he did it and how he got results. In the live demo, he shows you how he got an extraordinary return in his investment in Facebook ads. Results are not typical but there is nothing hidden from this training. Micheal shows you what he did, what he learned and what you can do to begin today.

If you want the fastest and quickest path through all the mumbo jumbo and just learn the bits that work, then this is the training you absolutely need to have on your Course List.

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

FREE Preview: Unravelling The Facebook Marketing Machine?

In this Preview training you will learn how to unravel the Facebook Marketing Machine. By the end of this training you will know the difference between all the main types of Facebook Campaigns.

Facebook Ad Series