Enjoy Your Life Without Sacrifice


Do you want to make improvements to your lifestyle without sacrificing the things you love.
Are you looking to make changes – small or large – that would help you improve your quality of life?

Have you tried before to takes steps in areas of your life that you are dissatisfied with only to fall at the first hurdle or give up shortly after? 

Would you like to spend a small amount of time getting a plan in place that will work for you and then have a lasting impact in any and every area of your wellbeing?

This training course could be exactly what you are looking for. In this easy to follow training, Anna Easton guides you through the process she has used and refined to become the find her own True Wellbeing.

This training course is gives you hints and tips that you can utilise in any area of your life so that you can enjoy your life and still include in it all of the things that you love. Anna walks you through how to create a solid foundation for making changes to unhelpful habits so that the results last and serve you for a lifetime. Most of us have things that we would like to make tweaks to so get a helping hand in doing just this or so that you can transform your life into one that you are proud of and secure in.

If you feel like you have tried it all in terms of health, fitness, your relationships, habits and seeking happiness then do yourself a service and give it one last shot with this programme to see fast results and launch yourself into your next chapter.

Topics for this course

9 Lessons2h 45m

Healthy Lifestyle without Sacrifice

Introduction Video5:37
Programme Introduction5:37
Fun Fact Find Formula6:30
Fun Fact Find Formula Challenge
S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Success System9:40
SMARTER Success System Challenge
2-Step Performance Process (1)6:30
2-Step Performance Process (2)00:8:17
Focused Mind Motivator6:30
Mindful Measure Map00:5:32
Video Close1:02
Focused Mind Motivator Challenge
Mindful Measure Map Challenge