About Liam, The ‘Prove It’ Guy

Hey it’s Liam O’Neill here, I love to work with successful people to help them master influence, develop tactical empathy and to persuade with impact.

If I give you a quick background into who I am it’ll give you an idea of how I got to where I am and how I am seen as an expert in my field.

Whenever I left school I had no qualifications, no idea, and no prospects. I decided that I needed to leave my town so that I could study with different people to find out what it is that I really was here to do, I felt that I had more potential than I was giving out and I just wasn’t doing anything with my life, so for the last 20 years I’ve studied under Masters from all over the world. 

Including Martial Arts, influence, negotiation, business, anything really that I find an interest in I’ve jumped in and I’ve tried to get the most out of it, what I’ve done is I’ve combined all of these things to create the courses that I deliver, or to work with my mentees whenever we go one to one.

So what do I mean by master influence, when ever people think of influence they think of persuading people to do things they don’t want to do, or manipulating people and that’s not what it’s about, whenever you are actually someone who has mastered influence you can teach people about the direction you think they should go in because it is better for them not because you want them to go there.

You are able to build rapport with anyone around you because you just have charisma and your posture just delivers a more believing statement, rather than you trying to manipulate them with sleazy tactics or something that you’ve read in a book, this is all real world and it can work for you because it works for me.

What I mean by developing tactical empathy is you can influence the emotions of the people that you are interacting with, you can lead them along the path that you want them to go on, again all geared towards improving their life.

I believe that everyone’s life can improve know matter how good it already is.

If you have the ability to influence their emotions then that will develop trust within you, they will start to trust you
and come to you for more and more advice, when they do that, that turns you into a leader.

So without you telling people that you’re a leader, without you trying to force people to follow you, they want to because your sort of guiding their emotions, you make them feel better, you make them happier within their life.

What I mean by persuade with impact is that when you persuade people to do something they actually go and do it, we can do lots of persuasion techniques and we can do lots of body language reading techniques
and you can do lots of things from books but if it doesn’t actually create action then it’s all pointless.

What I teach is actually actionable, people will do something with the tools that you give them, with the influence you give them, with the way that you persuade them and this isn’t just me saying that it can be done, I’ve done it my whole life, I’ve done it on stage, I’ve done it in business, I’ve done it with different negotiations, I’ve used all of this, I know it works and I can prove for you that you can do it as well, that’s why I go by, The ‘Prove It’ Guy.

This is how I have became an expert in my field, I train as much as I can in every subject, I learn as much as I can, I get rid of what isn’t useful and I develop on that, so now I have taken all my skills, combined them together to create a course that turns people from heroes to superhero’s.


 If you want more information please reach out to me and I will look forward to hearing from you, Have an amazing day whatever you get up to and I will speak to you again soon.

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