The Rapid Course Creator Blueprint™


With the Rapid Course Creator Blueprint™, we help Coaches, Therapists and Educators to rapidly launch their own signature program without wizardry or years of technical expertise.

Each week we teach you new a module from our 6-module step-by-step blueprint on each aspect of building your signature program from choosing the right Platform, to Positioning your Audience, Preparing your mindset and testing your Audience, Presenting and producing the Course material in a way that works. We show you the secrets to Promotion and how to make your signature Perform by scaling up your offer once you have testimonials, traction and tangible results.

Every week we drop a new module over 6 weeks, so by the end of 6 weeks you have everything you need to rapidly create your own Signature Program – and the best part is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

All the course content is available online. You can review and watch back each module as often as you like from a desktop or even from your smart phone or iPad and perfect your signature program and get ready to scale your business.

Every week, you also get Live Q&A Sessions on the currently taught module, to make sure all your questions are answered and that you have all the insights, feedback and clarity to maintain momentum.

You also get access to our exclusive online Community portal and private Mobile App (without the distraction of social messaging) where you can share your progress with fellow students and even team up and work together. Our online interactive portal opens up opportunities to connect with fellow students and the course instructors so that you can ask questions any time in the community and get direct personalised feedback and insights as your build your signature program.


  • Rapidly Create, Build and Launch your own signature program without technical expertise
  • 6 week intensive training so you get results fast! and…
  • 12 months support, so you don’t have to 🙂
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom Calls for 1 year with live feedback


  • Launch your first course to our platform, Free for 12 months
  • No technical experience needed. We help you work through our step-by-step blueprint
  • No Additional costs like Clickfunnels, Kajabi or Kartra so you can get you started fast
  • Access to our private Community App so you can keep in touch and message members and instructors any time


  • Scale your business and leverage your time better by teaching one-to-many instead of one-to-one.
  • Build your high ticket program by combining your prerecorded signature program with live feedback and interaction.
  • Built your signature program with confidence without getting hopelessly lost going down the wrong path
  • Work with an amazing community of like-minded people who work and grow alongside you on your journey
  • Get personalised critique and feedback on your program during weekly live zoom calls.
  • Get the clarity, direction and support you need on your journey to help you get there quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I really build my signature program in 6 weeks.

A) Yes you can, but you don’t have to.

Everyone learns and implements at a different pace. If you already have a clear idea of the program you want to build and know what you want to teach but you just need a step-by-step blueprint and structure to build your program, then yes, you can build this in 6 weeks.

Every week we outline and delve into one core concept and show you what you need to implement and to get right to build a signature program that works. When you work alongside the course guidance, you can definitely build your signature program in 6 weeks.

If you have no idea yet what you are going to build, then no, it’s not realistic to build a complete signature program in 6 weeks.

This is why the program does not end after 6 weeks. You get ongoing support and continuity within our community for 12 months to help you learn, implement and integrate all the material that you will learn.

You can revisit the course material and every 6 weeks our Live Question and Answer session will revisit one specific module of the 6 part program so you can re-implement and get feedback as often as you need for a whole 12 months.

If 12 months is not enough, you can continue to get ongoing support in our community for a small monthly fee, where you continue to get the support, feedback and help you need to implement your course at your own pace.

Q) What happens after 12 months? Do I lose access.

A) Nope. You have access to the Course Content from the Rapid Course Creator™ for as long as we run the program. If we do retire this program in the future, we will give you 12 months notification so you have plenty time to implement everything you need before it retires. However we do expect to run this program for a long time.

The Community support does end after 12 months. We have found that if you don’t have a deadline to implement then you will keep deferring and getting distracted and never launch so after 12 months of support, you need to move to a paid monthly membership to continue getting support.

As the end of 12 months, your single payment will convert to a 1-month rolling membership for a small fee to guarantee that you still get support, feedback and insight on your progress, and also so you can continue to build relationships and promote your success within our community.

We believe that community is the corner stone of every transformational business, and this is why we provide free access and support within our community for 12 months, not just for the 6 weeks of the course content.

Q) Can I get a refund?

A) Short Answer. It depends.

We are aware of the risk of offering digital content online where piracy is widespread, so even if you don’t complete this program, we have no way of knowing if you have not downloaded some of all of this content, and for this reason we do not offer refunds on digital purchases if you “change your mind”.

We expect that you do your own due diligence before you engage or purchase any digital program, so if this program is not what you expected, then we also don’t offer refunds. Our marketing literature is clear that you will be able to build a signature program with our 6 part blueprint.

If you purchase this program but never implement anything in the program, then no, we do not offer refunds. We are not a bank where you can make deposits at the start of the year, and then make withdrawal later in the year

However, we do operate on a personal responsibility “Do-The-Work” refund policy. We know our program works. We are practical and pragmatic so if you take action, follow our advice and implement all 6 modules of this programs, and you ask for feedback on your signature program and implemented all the feedback we give you (with proof) and you think that you haven’t received incredible advice and know-how and a clear and practical blueprint for building a signature program, then yes, we would offer a refund.


Topics for this course

80 Lessons


Course Overview11:06
How to Position Yourself8:55
How To Prepare Yourself42:21
How to Present Yourself28:49
How to Promote Yourself55:49
How to Amplify Yourself59:40